1. Michael Bolton Facts

    1. Any time Michael Bolton sings the word ‘baby,’ an actual baby is born in the audience
    2. Michael Bolton can sing in any library in the world
    3. "How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?" Michael Bolton answers that question every night. Sometimes up to 12 times. 
    4. Michael Bolton’s hair is a national treasure in seven countries.  
    5. If Satan ever sues Jesus, Michael Bolton will be the judge and jury.
    6. Michael Bolton has already won three Lifetime Achievement Grammys. 
    7. In album sales there is Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum, Diamond and Michael Bolton.
    8. It’s not Maybelline, it’s Michael Bolton.
    9. Michael Bolton once sang “Soul Provider” on top of a rock in Arizona and it created the Grand Canyon.
    10. When a Man Loves a Woman, it is Michael Bolton’s sloppy seconds.
    11. Michael Bolton is the Beauty and the Beast.
    12. Michael Bolton said he loved you, but he lied.
    13. Guitar Hero was originally supposed to be called “Michael Bolton Video Game” but they realized you can’t even pretend to be Michael Bolton.
    14. Michael Bolton can touch you there.
    15. Jesus grew out his hair to be like Michael Bolton.
    16. The only thing that separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom is Michael Bolton.
    17. Michael Bolton’s body has no human skin, only denim and chest hair
    18. Behind every great man is a great woman. Behind every great woman is Michael Bolton.
    19. "How am I Supposed to Live Without You" is a requiem for a world that may one day be without Michael Bolton
    20. Michael Bolton is not white or black or any other race, he is music.
    21. Love is a wonderful thing only because Michael Bolton says it is.
    22. Michael Bolton has no critics, only deaf fans.
    23. Talented angels are said to have the voice of a Michael Bolton
    24. The Yankees recruited Michael Bolton for his perfect pitch. He struck out 27 batters anyway.
    25. Michael Bolton sang all of Ariel’s parts in the Little Mermaid
    26. You have a voice box, Michael Bolton has a voice mansion.
    27. Michael Bolton can’t use touchscreen devices because he’ll give them orgasms.
    28. The Richter Scale was developed during an afternoon when Michael Bolton was beatboxing.
    29. The Superbowl is actually the halftime show of a Michael Bolton concert.
    30. Michael Bolton never sings falsetto because there is only truth within him.