1. Washington Redskins Name Change Ideas

    Sooner or later, the racist name is gonna change. Prerequisites: New name must encapsulate the heritage and tradition of the ‘Skins and preserve the phonetic beauty of our fight song.

    Washington Warriors - Keep the logo or revert to the Spurrier-era arrow/feather

    Washington Warhawks - Sounds cool. Shout out to Mr. Irrelevant

    Washington Warthogs - Oh wait… already had one of those

    Washington Brawlers - Random and awesome

    Washington Rockers - Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty style

    Washington Reapers - Scary. Keep the script R

    Washington Heroes - Why not?

    Washington Federals - Finish the trifecta started by the Nationals/Capitals

    Washington Americans - Too patriotic? Never. America’s team playing America’s game.

    Washington Natives - Teach the bandwagoners a thing or two about loyalty in this town

    Washington Troopers - Cuz that’s what we are

    I ran out of good ideas about 8 names ago.