1. “Take one more picture. I double dog dare you.”



  3. Why the mustache matters. 
    see more at waylou 


  4. Surely I’m not the only one who’s ever thought this. 


  5. DIBS! like a mofo on this one. 


  6. Cool.

    Photo by Tatiana Khlopkova via ffffound

    (Source: photojojo)


  7. If he was your dog you’d post photos all the time too.


  8. Hunter Freeman

    This is precisely the kinda thing I love. It’s perfect. More here: Hunter Freeman


  9. Make Up is Magic

    Some of these faces look awfully familiar. Gross. (via visboomag)
    There is a lesson to be learned here. Make up makes the world a better place: agree or disagree?


  10. The Real Madden 2011


  11. Color photos from 1939-1943. Try not to be fascinated. 


  12. Thoughts?


  13. I saw an amazing woman at the 99¢ store today. Glendale, CA. 



  15. Is your life made better or worse by watching this?